Intuitive Guidance

This psychic reading is designed to provide you with information you need for your highest good regarding the current and future progression of your life path and to answer any questions you may have about career, relationships or other important life decisions.

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New Energy

This 45 minute session feels like a virtual massage!  It includes a 30 minute psychic reading and energy clearing to heal and balance chakras and clear out any energetic restrictions that are making you feel unwell or fatigued.  This is a great introductory reading!

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Connecting with Spirit

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be the most difficult challenge we face in life.  Knowing that they are at peace and with us in spirit is healing and reassuring.  During this medium reading, you will receive comforting messages from your departed loved ones.

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New Energy Package

Many people find that when they treat themselves to New Energy sessions periodically, they feel better and experience less stress and fatigue.  This package offers 4 Sessions for only $60 each.  You can give sessions as gifts, schedule periodically, or email to schedule whenever you feel the need.

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Soul Journey

This Akashic record reading describes your soul's values and personality.  It also heals blocks and restrictions from current and past lives to help you move forward in your spiritual journey.  This 1 hour session includes a written overview.

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Life Path Astrology

This reading is perfect for anyone yearning to know their life purpose, choose a career or a new direction.  It is designed to boost your confidence and is highly motivational.  It is also great for young people wanting to understand their strengths and can be given as a gift.

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I don't have a dream...

My dream has me.

My mission is to bring healthy balance to the world - by teaching people how to practice holistic self-care to nurture body, mind and spirit.

My thrive formula was developed to heal myself from a traumatic brain injury.  As I began exploring alternative therapies, I discovered my intuitive gifts.

I've been working as a metaphysical practitioner for 8 years and my services are available via telephone to clients around the globe. I also offer customized, VIP coaching for trauma recovery and stress management.

I'm SO grateful to be living my dream and excited to share my gifts with you...



Let's talk about your journey...

If you're unsure about what service is right for you, no worries!  We can chat on the phone and help you determine what you need for your highest good now.


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