We Believe in Magic

When we ask clients what sets us apart from other metaphysical practitioners, they explain that they love the magic we create with them whenever we work together.

By combining Western ingenuity and Eastern philosophy, we deliver services that illuminate, inspire and transform.

We feel fortunate to walk with our clients and help to facilitate their spiritual progress and healing journeys.

Our work is sacred and our intention is to provide what clients need at any given time for their highest good.

My Story

Nine years ago, I reluctantly began studying to develop my intuitive abilities after learning I was psychic from an astrology reading.

You can read all about it in my book, "Enlightened by Accident - The Awakening of a Psychic Medium."

I went from being a buttoned-up corporate management consultant who was a type-A, control freak perfectionist - to a sensitive empath in 30 seconds after sustaining a traumatic brain injury that dramatically altered my life path.

My move to Santa Fe was the ultimate catalyst in helping me to share my metaphysical abilities and healing services with the world.

If you've never had a psychic or medium reading or whether you are a seasoned student of spirituality, I am honored to be at your service...

Meet the Team

Our team is small, yet powerful!


Lane Robinson

Founder & CEO

Lane Robinson is a psychic medium, Amazon best-selling author, speaker and teacher.  She holds an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has trained up close and personally with many of the world's most respected metaphysical teachers.



Chief Joy Officer

Stewart is a ginger tabby feline who could easily pursue a career as an entertainer.  He supports Lane through hilarious behavior, sleeping on her feet, and jumping on her keyboard when work is done for the day.  Stewart brings joy and love to life just by being himself!

Let's explore possibilities!!!

We're glad you are here and appreciate you taking the time to visit.  Check out our services on the Home Page or email us at the link below to ask questions or set up a time to talk.