​Astrology for the Entire Family

​Astrology is both an art and science. It provides information about life purpose and the cards we were dealt in this lifetime. Astrology can be powerful to determine your unique strengths and areas of highest potential. We offer two types of sessions. Both offer 1 hour, recorded sessions and a written overview. One is much more comprehensive. We recommend astrology sessions for the entire family.  For children, sessions are conducted with a parent and the recording and written overview can be shared whenever the child is ready. Sessions for teenagers can also be ordered by parents and the readout is with the teen or the parent or both, depending on the situation. Note: Astrology sessions require that the date, place and time of birth be provided at least 72 hours before the session. ​If you need ​assistance determining which session is ​will best meet your needs, please click on Schedule A Session and make an appointment for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

​Life Purpose Astrology

​This session is extremely comprehensive and requires 2 to 3 hours of analysis before the readout. It provides information about strengths, relationships, career potential, challenges as well as the theme of your life purpose, potential careers and astro-cartography (how living in or visiting certain locations impacts you. It includes a 1 hour recorded readout and an written overview. The price is $249.

​Basic Astrology

​The basic astrology reading is a simplified and less expensive version and great for children and teenagers as well as for people who don't need extensive detail. It also includes a 1 hour recorded readout phone session and a brief written overview. If the natal chart is complex, the comprehensive session may be advisable. Email info@laneknows.com to schedule a time. The price of this service is $150.

Huge Help

Hi Lane. I just wanted to thank you for the Life Purpose Astrology session you did for my nephew. It really helped him understand his strengths and challenges and also helped my sister decide where he should attend high school. I loved the fact that you did the readout for me and my sister and then gave us the recording so we could share it with Eric when we felt he was ready. What a cool service. Just booked my own session and am very excited!

Gina L.
Wellesley, MA

​Thanks for helping me understand my kids

​Lane, just wanted to thank you for persuading me to schedule astrology sessions for my 3 kids. The information you shared has helped me understand what makes them all tick, their talents and abilities and how to guide them so they don't drive each other crazy 🙂 This is the best investment I've made in ages and our home is much less stressful!

​Chris W.
 ​Boulder, CO

​Our son was able to choose a college major after our session

​Hi Lane, thanks for taking the time to talk with me about your astrology sessions and recommending what would best help with our situation. My son was torn between several college majors and the session you did with the both of us REALLY helped narrow down his choice. He is ​excited for his freshman year and you nailed his strengths perfectly. I have recommended this session to my sister and a couple of friends. It is awesome!!!

​Jennifer M.
 ​Lafayette, CA

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