Is it for you?

Are you a high achiever who is really good at managing your life - even doing lots of heavy lifting others aren't able to do?

Have you recently experienced a life altering event such as loss of a loved one, personal problem or scary health diagnosis?  Or, are you considering retiring or a major career change and need a plan and some support to figure things out?

Do you need to get your life back on track or are you needing a change quickly?

Are you spiritually aware and open to alternative metaphysical tools combined with Western ingenuity as part of your program?

Here's what my coaching clients have to say...

A psychiatrist in the bay area:  "I didn't believe you when you told me that after two or three sessions, my perspective and my life would improve dramatically.  Wow!  If only I had these tools and this knowledge in medical school - it would have changed my life."

A commercial realtor in Minneapolis:  "The best thing about this program is the way you incorporate metaphysical elements like astrology and psychic and Akashic record information.  I also love the Manifesting Formula data.  It has helped me run my business much more effectively."

A CEO of a company in northern California: "We can't afford to use your services anymore because after you did your magic with our executive team - our sales went through the roof.  We couldn't attribute the sudden shift to any other factor other than the work we did with you.  To be honest, we are now struggling to manage the rapid growth of our company.  What a great problem to have!"


Do you qualify?

One-on-one coaching with me isn't for everyone.  You have to have a burning desire to shift things and be open to seeing things in a whole new way.  If you are ready to change and transform, then I will email you an application.