New Direction

New Direction sessions are designed to provide spiritually-aware clients with information from other sources including Astrology and the Akashic records.  These sessions are typically warranted when someone is making a significant life decision and wants to feel inspired and motivated. They are also relevant to those who are seeking to fulfill their life purpose or when a person keeps experiencing the same situation over and over without satisfactory resolution and is looking for a new approach to help them move to forward. These services take our work together to a whole new level and require advance preparation by me. They require payment at the time of scheduling and include a written summary and a 1 hour, recorded readout session.  The price of each is $249.

Soul Harmony

This is the most powerful and life changing session I offer. It starts with an Akashic record reading to determine your soul's personality and preferences and your soul's values based on where it first incarnated. It then identifies, illuminates and permits you to heal blocks and restrictions that were created by traumatic events in current or past lives and may be preventing you from moving forward in this lifetime. This service requires advance preparation by me, includes a written summary, a 1 hour recorded readout session, and 21 days of prayers and affirmations that take about 5 minutes a day in order to receive the full benefit.

Life Path Astrology

After discovering my psychic abilities through an astrology reading, standing on the curb with a page of hieroglyphics, a CD recording and utter and total shock and confusion; I decided to study astrology and specifically life purpose astrology so I could work with clients in a kinder, gentler and more inspiring way. This session requires date, place and exact time of birth and is scheduled at least a week in advance. It is motivating, empowering and life changing and equally serves teenagers and young adults, soon to be retirees, and those seeking greater life fulfillment. It includes a written summary and 1 hour recorded readout session.

Huge Help

Hi Lane. I just wanted to thank you for the Life Purpose Astrology session you did for my nephew. It really helped him understand his strengths and challenges and also helped my sister decide where he should attend high school. I loved the fact that you did the readout for me and my sister and then gave us the recording so we could share it with Eric when we felt he was ready. What a cool service. Just booked my own session and am very excited!

Gina L.
Wellesley, MA

The supernatural is just natural

Am texting you because I am blown away by my Soul Harmony session. It makes total sense that I've always been an outspoken advocate for the underdog - my soul personality is about truth and justice! Learning about past life events also helped me understand why I've had trouble getting pregnant - that second chakra tear from a past life has created some challenging symptoms in this lifetime.  Can't wait to finish my 21 days. Will keep you posted. Thank you!

Sarah A.
Edina, MN

It Explained SO Much

When I signed up for my Soul Harmony session, I admit I did it because I was curious and just trusted your recommendation. The information in the readout was crazy. I've always been terrified of flying especially over water (you didn't know this) and the fact that I was a pilot and was shot down in a previous life explained everything. I am still a bit nervous when flying but no longer need to be medicated and have been able to take longer flights. Thanks again for suggesting this.

Mary W.
Denver, CO

Happy to retire

Lane, just wanted to thank you for the Life Purpose Astrology session. Before we talked, I was worried about retiring and now I'm relieved. Until you pointed it out, I had forgotten about my passion for arts and crafts and how I used to make things when I was younger. I decided after our reading to take a jewelry design class and am now working happily in my spare time creating gorgeous bling and making myself and other people happy. SO thankful for the feedback and motivation to just do it!

Chris L.
San Francisco, CA

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