A New Path to Peace...

Sometimes things happen.

Unexpected events can open us up to new possibilities, new ways of doing things and the desire for new life balance. 

Here you will discover unique and proven alternative therapies, protocols and products to assist with trauma recovery, healing from grief, and easing the burden of overwhelming stress.

The solutions we offer are simple, effective, and life-changing .

Our Services

Energy Healing

Energy healing is an important first step toward healing from trauma. Until it occurs, the energetic memory of the event remains in the body. Energy healing eases pain and suffering of the body, mind and spirit.

Tension Release

Tension release is a 30 minute phone session priced at $60. It clears and balances energy and releases physical pain and stress. Monthly sessions are recommended for anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

VIP Peak Performance

VIP Peak Performance is designed for high achievers, business owners and solo-preneurs who are ready to go to the next level - personally and professionally and at the same time, releasing stress and creating balance.

Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive sessions are helpful in assisting with life-changing decisions. They provide new information and provide clarity and certainty. These telephone sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length.


Mediumship is the process of Connecting with the Departed. These one hour phone sessions provide relief and create a new perspective about death and grieving and are affirming and life changing.

Energy Coaching

Energy coaching is a customized program based on a combination of practical and metaphysical services and tools to help clients find more energy, achieve life balance and reduce stress. Availability is limited.

Soul Harmony

Soul Harmony sessions are for spiritually enlightened people who are open to information from the Akashic records, understanding soul personalities and values and gaining information from past lives.

Life Purpose Astrology

‚ÄčLife purpose astrology is a comprehensive service that examines multiple facets of a person and provides numerous details about their cosmic contract for this lifetime. These sessions are motivational in nature.

Need More Info?

If you are a new client and contemplating which service or services will best meet your needs, you can set up a complimentary 30 minute phone session with Lane. Click on the link below to schedule.


Disclaimer: By scheduling or purchasing a product or service, you agree that the information shared is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological or financial professional. Lane Robinson LLC provides no guarantees or implied warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or action taken by clients. All consultations are confidential.