A New Path to Peace...

And a fresh perspective on healing after trauma or loss.

Grieving is natural. But the way most Americans grieve isn't. Western society hasn't properly educated us about death, dying and moving forward after loss. Mastering grief management is an essential life skill and it is easy to achieve, but we need accurate information. Written from the perspective of someone who has experienced devastating loss; and has also gleaned information from departed friends, family members and while facilitating medium sessions with clients - the book demystifies death and dying and offers a new and refreshing perspective on coping with loss. The book was published on October 23, 2019. Feedback from the initial readers has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments include "life-changing, a great read, thought-provoking, and insightful." This is a great gift for anyone you know who might be dealing with loss and for yourself because it tells us everything we need to know about death and dying but were afraid to ask!

The book is available at Amazon as a paperback and for Kindle.

Services and Healing Center

Organic Healing

Organic healing is an important first step toward recovering from emotional trauma or a physical injury because it eradicates the root cause of pain and suffering.  These sessions calm the body, mind and spirit.


Mediumship is the process of connecting with the departed. These sessions in-person or via telephone provide relief, create a new perspective about death and grieving, and are affirming and life changing.

Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive sessions are helpful in assisting with life-changing decisions. They provide new information and provide clarity and certainty. These sessions are offered in person in Santa Fe or via telephone.

Santa Fe Healing Center

Services and classes at the Healing Center are temporarily suspended. Newsletter subscribers will be notified by email when services resume. Thank you for your patience. Organic Healing phone sessions are equally as effective and soothing during these challenging times.

Compass Program

A customized program proven to assist those grieving after trauma and loss so they can more easily navigate the healing journey. It includes video lessons, workbook exercises, weekly phone sessions and metaphysical services (as needed) to soothe the root causes of pain and suffering.

VIP Peak Performance

VIP Peak Performance is a customized coaching program designed for high achievers, business owners and solo-preneurs who are ready to go to the next level, release stress, improve physical vitality and create life balance.

Soul Harmony

Soul Harmony sessions are for spiritually enlightened people who are open to information from the Akashic records, understanding soul personalities and values and gaining information from past lives.

Life Purpose Astrology

‚ÄčLife purpose astrology is a comprehensive service that examines multiple facets of a person and provides numerous details about their cosmic contract for this lifetime. These sessions are motivational in nature.

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