About Lane Robinson

Lane Robinson is a healer, teacher, and author. She is the creator of an organic healing modality that combines Spring Forest Qi Gong, clairvoyance, and energetic light infusion and uses her own clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. A natural medical intuitive and medium, Lane has studied with and been mentored by some of the world's most respected metaphysical teachers.  After discovering her sixth sensory abilities in middle age, Lane invested significantly in travel and training to learn to serve as a psychic medium and energy healer and to also offer life purpose astrology and soul healing services. Lane is an ongoing student of herbalism and holistic wellness. Lane holds a BA in English and Education from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Meet Our Team

Lane Robinson, MBA

Chief Inspiration Officer

Like most small business owners, Lane does it all.  Sales, marketing, website development, operations, and client services are all up to her.  For twenty years, she worked as a management consultant in Europe and North America and incorporates consultative skills into her metaphysical work. Lane is the author of four books and delivers workshops and speeches about empowerment, resiliency, intuitive development and healing from trauma. 

Stewart Robinson

Chief Joy Officer

Stewart is a six year old ginger tabby feline who could easily pursue a career as an entertainer. He supports Lane through hilarious behavior, sleeping in the office, and walking on her keyboard when he decides that work is done for the day. Stewart brings joy and love to life just by being himself!

A Message from Lane

Thank you for visiting our website! We are so happy to connect with you.

I've been on a healer path for over ten years. The incident that started it all was a traumatic brain injury in a car crash in 1998. Doctors told me I would never work again and prescribed sleeping pills, pain killers and anti-depressants. Their advice didn't resonate with me. I never took a prescription drug and I avoided their bleak prognosis of living in a wheelchair. Thankfully, I turned to eastern medicine and alternative therapies to heal myself. These therapies were magical for me, and literally saved my life and now I am an evangelist sharing the message and demonstrating first hand how metaphysics heal.

Nine years after my injury, I discovered in an astrology reading that my life purpose was to work as a teacher and healer. At that time, my life was all about me and in my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine focusing on supporting others. During the past ten years, I've invested time, money and energy in becoming the best metaphysical practitioner I can be. I also have developed websites, books and online courses to empower others and help them ease their pain and suffering, especially during challenging or traumatic times.

In 2017, I received the vision for Lightwalker three days after the tragic Las Vegas shootings. I realized that my skills and purpose demanded more than doing readings and working with individuals and it was important to leave a legacy that is much bigger than myself. Lightwalker is a community, a virtual resource, a group of like-minded healers and a movement to bring light into the darkness - and provide special support to assist those traumatized by catastrophic loss to move forward on their healing and grieving journeys.

If you've been led here through the synchronicity of the Internet or from a referral, please take a look at our products and services.  If you need assistance determining what will work for you, please click here to schedule a time to talk.