Compass Coach Certification Program

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Sadly, Western society offers limited options for healing after overwhelming loss and obtaining significant support in the grieving journey. Prescription drugs weaken the body's stress resilience and can be addictive. Traditional psychotherapy tends to focus on the pain after loss and can require months or years to obtain results. Typical grief groups take pride in providing a safe place to suffer and acknowledging that others don't understand the devastation the bereaved are feeling. None of these approaches offers a clear path to peace mostly because they are inhibited by attempting to treat symptoms rather than root causes, and also because they are embodied in outdated and misrepresented paradigms about healing. 

But, the most tragic thing about the traditional approaches to grief and loss is that the chronic stress they fail to adequately address is seriously undermining the health and wellness of the bereaved. 

The Compass Program for Navigating Life after Loss provides an effective alternative to traditional approaches. Here are some of the benefits that differentiate the program.

  • It was developed by a psychic medium, energy healer and life-disabling trauma survivor.
  • It dispels traditional, outdated Western myths about death and dying.
  • It introduces new concepts including the stress profile and the impact of energetic memory.
  •  It delivers significant results within 3 weeks and profound relief within 6 weeks.
  • It is simple and only requires about 90 minutes per week.
  • It approaches healing from a holistic perspective.
  • It is a toolkit of lessons that can be used individually in any order.
  • It combines short videos, powerful workbook exercises and group or one-on-one coaching.

Are your clients grieving?

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, more people have experienced the loss of friends and loved ones than ever before. Mediums, grief coaches, alternative therapy healers, and spiritually-aware souls are feeling called to be of service. 

If you are looking for a more effective way to support clients who are grieving, then you can apply to become a Certified Compass Coach. The process takes 8 weeks with a weekly investment of approximately 2 hours of your time, and participants apply through a short phone interview with the program creator, Lane Robinson. 

Here's a 7 minute video with more info.

Would you rather read all about it?

The program contains the following seven lessons that can be implemented individually as needed by a client, as a six-week program, or as part of a coaching or healing package bundled with your own services.

This lesson is important because it helps students to cope with their current realities and understand how they can obtain support and change their mindsets about their loss so it doesn't define their entire lives going forward.  While many grief and trauma recovery programs focus on sharing in the pain, this program focuses on rapidly resetting traditional thought paradigms and embracing the possibilities of a new journey.

This lesson teaches students how to reducing stress by understanding the concept of the stress profile - that what creates stress for some people calms others.  Minimizing stress  is fundamental to healing after loss because it simplifies day-to-day activities, dissolves roadblocks, and encourages stepping into a lighter, more hopeful way of living.

Life balance empowers the healing journey. It's not just about self-care, it is about consciously incorporating calming activities into daily life. Some activities work for everyone, but certain practices soothe individually based on the unique stress profile. This lesson is simple, yet powerful and making a few small changes in the daily routine is a real game changer when it comes to creating a new path to peace. Note: It is recommended that this lesson follow the lesson about Understanding Your Stress Profile because it builds on the fundamentals of that lesson.

This lesson introduces the concept of the human body as a self-healing ecosystem and presents a new perspective. It informs students about lifestyle choices that impede the body’s ability to heal as well as those that help the body to become more resilient in coping with stress. Students will obtain information about how to support self-healing energetically. This particular lesson is unique in its approach. The recommendations – even though they are simple – are powerful and fundamentally influence a person's energy and physical vitality.

This lesson adds some magic into the healing equation that will enable students to move forward from positions of strength. We introduce the notion of metaphysical healing and energy management. It also explains how energetic memory of their trauma remains within the physiology until it is cleared and balanced. Learning how to manage energy is essential to healing from trauma. The more students are able to master energy management – the better they will feel and the more quickly they will progress on their healing journeys. This lesson also includes a guided meditation for balancing energy and works in conjunction with the lesson on creating a stress-resilient body.

Working with archangels is life changing. When people begin asking the angels for assistance, they release their burdens and obtain support from the spiritual realm. In this lesson, students will learn the basics about how to work with archangels, be introduced to six special angels and understand how each one of them can assist, and then begin to practice a process for calling on the angels. This lesson is fundamental to reducing stress, feeling empowered, and attaining results that might have seemed impossible before.

As a basis for supporting the journey of our own souls and the soul journeys of others, it is important to understand the evolution of the soul including the point of initial creation, as well as what occurs when souls inhabit life forms such as human bodies. This lesson examines the full circle of life, how the soul determines the timing of death; and what happens before, during, and after it travels back to its place of origin. Finally, it reveals characteristics about the other side, the transformation that occurs there, and how departed loved ones interact with those of us who remain.  This lesson is fundamental to dispelling traditional Western myths about death and dying and brings tremendous relief to those who are facing their own mortality or grieving the loss of loved ones.

Would you like to be able to offer this information to your clients?

If so, please click below to schedule an assessment session so we talk on the phone and determine if it is a fit for you and your mediumship, healing or coaching practice.

What people are saying...

Life changing! Lane – Working with you changed my life. Two years after my husband died of cancer, I wasn’t prepared to be a widow at age 50. I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to start or how to get my life back. I heard you on a podcast and took a leap of faith and enrolled in your Compass Program. It gave me the insight and direction I needed, and I’m so thankful. Several months after completing your program, I met someone and fell in love. I honestly never thought I would even date again. It has been very unexpected. It is difficult to find the words to describe how the sessions with you and what I learned in the program changed everything, and in such a short time. I still pinch myself and am amazed at how I went from feeling hopeless and sad to balanced and happy. Every single person who is grieving over the loss of a loved one and needs to find themselves again should take this program."

                                                                                                                                 -  Gretchen P. | San Diego, CA

Turned everything around! The grief I experienced from the death of my husband of 38 years was incredibly overwhelming, and I was devastated and unsure about how to move forward with any purpose or enthusiasm. A chance encounter, and conversation with a local woman who had lost her husband a year before I did, led me to Lane Robinson. This woman had recently completed the Compass Program and pretty much insisted I contact Lane. After talking with Lane about the program, I decided to go with it, even though I was a little bit apprehensive. I must say the video lessons and our once weekly phone calls over a short period of just 2 months gently changed my thinking about how to reconcile my husband's death and my new life.  The whole process resulted in me identifying my new purpose and allowed me to not only accept my new normal, but to look forward to an exciting new life.  I highly recommend anyone experiencing debilitating grief over a loss to consider Lane’s Compass Program. It was a life-changer for me and hopefully can be for you." 

                                                                                                                                 -  Elizabeth A. | Seattle, WA

Better than therapy! Lane - just wanted to thank you for your work and your incredible Compass Program. Before we worked together, I was exhausted and hanging on by a thread. The insight and wisdom you offer about recovering from trauma are amazing. And the healing sessions and exercises helped much more than years of psychotherapy. I only wish I'd known about it sooner. Thank you again for all you do...

                                                                                                                                 -  Chris B. | Denver, CO

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Disclaimer: By scheduling or purchasing a product or service, you agree that the information shared or the service rendered is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological or financial professional. Lane Robinson, LLC provides no guarantees or implied warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or action taken by clients. All consultations are confidential.