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New Group Coaching Program Starts November 6, 2019

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About Organic Healing Compass Groups

Organic Healing Compass Groups provide a new, fresh and natural approach to moving forward on the healing journey. It is not group therapy, nor a grief group that focuses on loss, but rather a way access to new ideas, new tools, and new friends that will change the way you navigate life after loss forever. Based on the trauma recovery and stress management protocols developed by medical intuitive and medium, Lane Robinson to heal herself after a disabling and traumatic injury and the loss of her 27 year old nephew to suicide - the program is truly unique. It fundamentally focuses on dispelling myths about death, dying, and the other side that are prevalent in Western Society. The program also helps participants to create new perspectives about their situation, release guilt, step out of the cycle of daily suffering, diminish pain, and discover a new paradigm for living peacefully after loss. 

  • How would you feel if you did not fear death, understood why death is a natural part of the circle of life and how people are actually supported physically, spiritually and energetically during the process of dying?
  • How would you feel if you were able to use new coping skills whenever someone you know crosses over and find a new path to peace at the end of your loved ones' lives and your own?
  • How would you feel if you could regain physical and emotional strength when recovering from loss so you could approach the rest of your life with optimism, balance and happiness?
  • How would you feel if you were confident that your departed loved one(s) is with you in spirit, in a place of peace, and energetically supporting you in your healing journey?
  • How would you feel if you could release the burden of suffering and any guilt you might have about the passing of your loved one and live each day feeling calm, grounded, and stronger?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program was designed for you.


Online Video Lessons and Group Support Sessions covering the following topics (11 video lessons approximately 8 minutes in length plus weekly workbook exercises - maximum of 30 minutes per week). Here's the course outline.

  • Week 1 – New Perspective – Video Lesson/Workbook Exercises

    • New Definition of Success
    • Obtaining Support that Doesn’t Drive You Crazy

    Week 2 – Building a New Foundation – Video Lesson/Workbook Exercises

    • Love versus Fear  - The Power in the Perspective
    • Forgiving Others and Yourself

    Week 3 – Reducing Holiday Stress – Workbook Lesson and Exercises

    • Holiday Planning Your Way
    • The Freedom of New Traditions
    • Holiday plans for one

    Week 4 – Easing Pain and Suffering with New Energy – Video Lesson/Workbook

    • The Concept of Energetic Memory
    • Chakra Balancing
    • Introduction to Meditation                                                                                 

    Week 5 – Assistance from Archangels – Video Lesson/Workbook Exercise

    • The Super Six
    • How to work with Archangels
    • Affirmations                                                                                                            

    Week 6 – Developing Stress Resilience in Your Body – Video Lesson/Workbook

    • Your Body Is A Self-Healing Ecosystem
    • Chemical Avoidance
    • Holiday Temptation Management – Healthy Snack Recipes                      

    Week 7 – Relieving Stress – Video Lesson/Workbook Exercises

    • The Concept of the Stress Profile
    • Your Unique Stress Profile
    • Your Unique Stress-Relieving Activities                                                           

    Week 8 – Soul Journey Fundamentals, Values, Personality – Video Lesson/Workbook

    • Your Soul’s Personality (free reading from Lane)
    • Your Soul’s Values (free reading from Lane)
    • Feeding Your Soul for Happiness and Rejuvenation                                    

    Week 9 – The Circle of Life and the Other Side – Organic Grief Book

    • The Process of Crossing Over
    • What Happens During the Journey
    • The Souls’ Destination                                                                                         

    Week 10 – Resting in Power | Living in Peace – Organic Grief Book

    • Your Departed Loved Ones’ Environment
    • Departed Loved Ones’ Perspectives
    • What They Wish for You                                                                                      

    Week 11 – Moving Forward – Organic Grief Book

    • Your Passion & Purpose
    • Causes That Speak to You
    • New Intentions for the New Year                                                                      

    New Energy Meditation                                                                                                       

    In the Zone Meditation                                                                                                        

Weekly Group Support Calls: One Hour - Recorded tele-conference - Wednesdays over the lunch hour - 11 weeks (not 12/25, 1/1). Participating in live calls is beneficial but not required for success in this program. 

One-on-One Support: Each participant will receive a 30 minute one-on-one coaching call with Lane Robinson as well as unlimited email support between 11/6/2019 and 1/22/2020.

Tuition: $350 (or two payments of $197). 

Enrollment process: Available after participating in a 30 to 45 minute phone session with the instructor. This will ensure that the program is a fit for each person. SPACE IS LIMITED to a maximum of 12 participants.

Discover if this program is a fit for you...

What people are saying...

Our burden has been lifted!

Lane, my sister and I are so grateful for your support in releasing the burden of grief we've been carrying for over twenty years after losing our mother to cancer when we were children. We especially loved the healing and Mediumship sessions and are still amazed that we no longer feel overwhelmed by sadness, but are able to view her passing from a new perspective.

Nicole Y.
Chicago, IL

Life changing

I heard about you on a podcast about grieving over the holidays and contacted you for an individual session. My husband had died of cancer the year before at a very young age, and I was overwhelmed and felt like I would never get my life back. The coaching program you designed for me has helped me get my feet back under me and deal with situations I was unable to face before.  Thanks to what I learned, I'm bouncing back and have been able to move forward and even though I miss him every day, I am so relieved to know he is at peace and cheering for me from the other side. I highly recommend your program to anyone who is ready to change their perspective about death, loss and moving forward. It is truly unique and life changing.

Gretchen P.
 San Diego, CA


Lane - just wanted to thank you for your work and your incredible grief coaching program. Before we worked together, I was exhausted and hanging on by a thread. The insight and wisdom you offer about recovering from trauma are amazing. And the healing sessions and exercises helped much more than years of psychotherapy. I only wish I'd known about it sooner. Thank you again for all you do...

Chris B.
Denver, CO

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