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Optimizing Your Energy

This course was originally created in reponse to the COVID-19 virus to assist healthworkers in clearing, balancing and protecting their energy so they could more easily manage stress and be more effective as healers.

It introduces the concept of energetic memory and teaches fundamentals of energy management using the chakra system. It also instructs students on how to work with two Archangels to assist with the energy optimization process. 

Students receive a link to a 7 minute lesson video, a New Energy Meditation, a Shortcut Video so they can clear, balance and protect their energy in 45 seconds, and a Student Workbook with links to the videos, and a Lesson Synopsis that reviews all of the material.

This lesson also includes weekly access to a Q&A session with Lane held on Tuesday mornings. The lesson is ordered through the Calendly link to the weekly Q&A session and the course materials are delivered via MailChimp upon registration. The price of this lesson is $26.