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Astrologer Maria DeSimone

Learn more about Lightwalker as Lane appears as a guest on the amazing Insightful Astrology podcast hosted by (and Lane's own) astrologer and teacher - Maria DeSimone. We talk about clearing cellular memory of trauma and the launch of the Lightwalker Thrive Program online video course and how you can access the services Lightwalker provides.

Energy Healing - An Important First Step

This 45 minute phone session is an essential first step to creating a foundation for thriving after trauma. The physical results are similar to a massage, however the energetic benefits often include, pain relief, emotional uplifting and the release of dread and suffering. The price is $89, payable in advance with online scheduling.

What people are saying...

Huge relief!

Hi Lane. We just finished our energy clearing and healing phone session and I am amazed! The stress I've been experiencing in my personal life was really bringing me down and it was all I could do to function. I feel like thousands of pounds of burden have been lifted. Not sure how it works, but so thankful I found you and this therapy.
Chris A.
Boulder, CO

Feeling better!
My dear Lane. Even though we knew it was going to happen, my brother's sudden passing left me exhausted and overwhelmed. Thank you for suggesting the energy clearing and healing phone session. Afterwards, I felt lighter and the pain and sadness have decreased. You are a gifted healer!

Amanda G.
Boston, MA

Still wondering how it works!Lane - I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive when my friend told me about energy healing sessions with you. But she is brilliant, so I decided to try it. Wow! No idea how it works, but it is amazing how you could see that pain in my knee and upper left shoulder and how it is now just GONE! I'm a believer.  Thanks again.

John W.
Santa Fe, NM

One step at a time...Hi Lane. It has been a long year and while I still feel overwhelmed, energy clearing and healing with you has been a life saver. I have been working with you once a month and am feeling happier, more energized and hopeful. Your work is a blessing.

Maria G.
San Jose, CA
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