Soul Harmony

Soul Harmony sessions are designed for the spiritually aware seeker who desires to understand the vital force energy of the soul and who wants to experience more peace and joy in life. By accessing the Akashic records, information about soul values and personality and fun facts about significant past lives is shared. This service also identifies damage to the chakra system caused by present or past life trauma and heals this damage through a cooperative 21 day process. If you would like to learn more about this reading, please click the link below to set up a time so we can chat briefly to determine if it is appropriate for you. Or, you can click on the link below to schedule your session. The price of this session is $249 and it includes a written overview and a 1 hour recorded phone session.

What people are saying...

Everything shifted

Lane, this reading was amazing! What was especially cool was that when you explained my soul personality and values, it made complete sense to me. Also, healing the chakra damage made me feel lighter and more balanced. I have made significant progress both personally and professionally since completing my follow-up homework.

Candace B.
Santa Fe, NM

I'm engaged!

Lane - still reeling from it all. I came to you for a Soul Harmony session after you described how it helps people get unstuck. As a woman in my late forties who has never been married, I just decided to take the plunge and see if it would help me meet my soul partner. Well, we met three months after I finished my follow up homework and eighteen months later - we are engaged to be married! I know - crazy good!!! All I can say is this thing works! Really glad I decided to make the investment and schedule the session.

Natalie S.
 Orlando, FL

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