Tuning In to Your Intuition is a self-paced course that takes six weeks to complete. It is delivered with short videos (6 to 8 minutes long), workbook exercises (that take about 60 to 90 minutes per week to complete), and two audio meditations. Lane taught the course for several years via weekly conference call and used group feedback to design the self-paced version. Each week for six weeks, you will receive an email with the video and workbook exercise for that lesson.  It also includes unlimited email support from Lane Robinson for 60 days following the course purchase.

After purchasing the course, you will be directed to a page where you will register for course access. If you don't land on the Course Access page, please email info@laneknows.com and we will take care of you.

Lesson Summary

Lesson 1 - Tuning In Fundamentals

This lesson introduces students to the concept of intuition being a naturally occurring gift that is often hampered by modern-day society. It defines intuition and introduces the concepts of working with a Spirit team and using a repeatable four step process for receiving intuitive messages.

Lesson 2 - Working with Archangels

This lesson introduces the concept of obtaining assistance from Archangels to ensure messages are safe and secure and to help improve student accuracy and confidence.

Lesson 3 - Creating A Space

This lesson introduces the concept of creating a space, energetically, mentally and emotionally so students can receive clear messages effortlessly. This lesson also includes a simple mediation for quieting the mind.

Lesson 4 - Get Specific

This lesson introduces the concept of trusting the process, believing in the accuracy of received messages and in this lesson, students learn how to start receiving messages and fine tune their intuitive skills.

Lesson 5 - Synchronize

This lesson introduces the chakra system and examines how energy lives within the body and responds to emotions and emotional situations. It also teaches students how to balance their energy so they can receive clearer messages.

Lesson 6 - Surrender

This lesson introduces the concept of releasing attachment to the content or accuracy of messages and to trusting higher energy to deliver. It also assists students in continuing to improve their intuitive skills.

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